That 70s cinema: “One Of These Nights”

Even with my substantive “review” the moment the video for “One of These Nights” dropped, I still feel this song somehow hasn’t been done justice by me.  Or good heavens, what if I actually begrudged to write about the music then at all? I have a habit, after all, of keeping discreetly mum about a song’s quality at first listen, preferring to let my mind settle in the weeks ahead as to its relative merits in the canon.  Lovelyz’ “Candy Jelly Love”, for instance, is a song I knew, from the very moment I first heard the opening bar, would stay with me forever, but I recall making some sort of “but of course it can’t compete with ‘Luv'” comment at the time.  Well, perhaps “Luv” is the greatest single ever recorded, but can “Candy Jelly Love” be far behind?  Really, can anything truly be ahead of “Candy Jelly Love”?  What if “Candy Jelly Love” itself is, after all, the greatest single–

But enough of this.  Suffice it to say that, obviously, the “One of These Nights” MV was clearly a masterpiece from the word go.  I’ll hold off looking up what I said then about the song, but after all these months it’s clear that the ballad has a terrific, haunting strength and staying power that betokens a magic truly worthy of such an immortal visual presentation as the video achieved.

But this stage– which I don’t think I’d ever seen before– oh, this stage is another immortal presentation in its own right.

Elegant Irene, blonde Yeri, and sharp Seulgi look terrific.  Wendy, as ever, is meltingly sensuous and dreamy-eyed.  And even poor butterface Wendy, stuck with that odd mop of red hair (and eyebrows to match), though you would think SM Ent torments her with fashion victimhood, is strangely beautiful and even unforgettable, for how could we not forever associate this look and this musical moment, great as this song is, daring as is its choreographic presentation and the very promotion of a full-on ballad as the comeback single, and crowned with triumph as the trophy-haul assures us?  Red Velvet pulled off something quite bold with this, and while SM Ent’s bounty of resources allows them to get away with dares that would sink lesser agencies, how can we not be grateful for the largesse, coupled with impeccable aesthetic judgment, that made the moment of “One Of These nNghts” possible?  With the butterflies fluttering in the LCD breeze, this stage even recalls SNSD’s elysian “Promise” from Girl’s Generation’s Romantic Fantasy, and Red Velvet fully justifies the passing of the crown.  This is such an oasis of resplendence!

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