A Pink’s “Only One” Goodbye Stage on Show! Music Core


I watched this one “last night” (early this morning), the first time in a gazillion months I’ve watched Show! Music Core.  Even with beloved Kim Saeron hosting (and Lord knows I beat myself up for this) I keep missing the program, in large part because they stopped giving out trophies.

Of course, if they hadn’t stopped giving out trophies, the milestone quality of GFriend’s 2016 would be only more glaringly in evidence.  A Pink’s “Only One” has been some kind of a flop– exactly how bad the damage is I can’t quite tell: both album and song have declined precipitously on the Gaon charts, but Gaon can be very odd and seems to register at times movements which are clearly anomalous, and I was shocked in a very pleasant way to see that “Only One” in fact topped the (week’s lapse) Soompi charts this week.

How steep the decline will show next week will tell us something: I know it’s not going to hold on to No. 1, and if it sticks in the Top Five that’ll be something.  Perhaps trophies don’t tell the whole story, but “Only One” hasn’t won any, and A Pink themselves have expressed disappointment (on behalf of their fans) and many fans in the comments for the MV and at various broadcast performance videos have expressed their dismay and analyzed the defection of Korean Pandas to GFriend, as well as Oh My Girl et. al.

I’ve been meaning to get around to culling some of those– I was about to do so when the Soompi chart came out and stopped me short.  Maybe the damage isn’t as bad as all that.  But I think it’s clear A Pink will not in fact be “Nation’s Girl Group”– that ship has sailed, and GFriend is aboard it.  Perhaps I could wish otherwise, but I can’t deny the enormous impact of “Rough” and, in light of A Pink’s fourteen month absence from the Korean stage, I’m afraid this was bound to happen.

I just hope A Pink doesn’t sink to mere mid-tier commercial status.  There are rumors of a repackage coming out, but this does smack of some desperation.  The worst thing of all would be for A Pink to make some wreckless swerve out of their milieu, trying to second-guess and appease the mass audience.  And if they can pull off an impromptu new comeback at OMG speed, why have stayed away for so long in the first place?

But I say this only for the sake of remaining sensible.  While Pink Revolution is, overall, the least satisfying A Pink record to date, it is a good record with a few terrific highlights.  And nothing is to stop A Pink from releasing further masterpieces– as long as they stay true to their original vision and inherent youth.  Girls, don’t be afraid of another “Mr. Chu” or “My My”.  You’re not too “grown up” for that!

Fans note Hayoung at the very end of this performance cutely hitting Naeun to remind her to act cute, and Naeun (perhaps on account of her bangs) seemingly remaining clueless.  But not cuteless!  A Pink hwaiting!


  1. Update: A Pink carries on on the soompi chart at a very respectable No. 2:


    Has all the doomsaying been an overreaction in the face of no-trophies? I’m still not convinced, but considering A Pink snagged a no. 3 and then a no. 2 finish on Inkigayo against all the boy band hoopla, maybe the damage isn’t as perilous as we’ve made it out to be.

    We’ll see how strong the album’s physical sales legs stretch into the holidays. I’m still concerned, but– hwaiting!

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