I heard Red Velvet in a morning dream

Ah, what sweetness!

It had something to do with my mom and her dog.  More about the dog.  Who in real life is fine: usually these sad pet dreams have to do with my dead cat.  I’m not sure why this evocative melancholy washed over this particular dream, but as I stepped outside the mall (a mall I haven’t seen, I suppose, in a dozen years or more) and walked to my car, “One of These Nights” washed over the landscape and the effect brought on dream-tears and a swelling sense of the sublime.

Really, it was just a plotless dream, and the mere sound of Red Velvet made it magical.  Was, in fact, Joy waiting for me in my car?  Or inside the fabric of the dream was I only imagining, fantasizing, hoping that?

In waking life, no tears for the song now, but all the same, it brings a warm flush of joy.

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