Vince Foster! Bribes! Arkancide! Lesbo!: the Hillary Lies are Breaking!

The National Enquirer is dropping its dossier!  And yes, Virginia, they cracked the Edwards love child lies, now here comes the greatest public service of all.

Stay home, soccer moms. Hillary’s a liar, a perv, and a maniac. Better yet, vote for your children, and vote for Donald Trump.   Citizens of Ohio, Pennsylvania. Florida, join the Trumpening.  Recognize the truth, and make the right choice.  Let’s give Donald Trump a mandate to make the lying pollsters stuff it, and the idiot Congress pass his agenda.

Make America White again: close the borders, drive out the alien hordes, forbid Muslim entry, put down the race rioters and stop pissing away your family’s future on People of the Color of Crap babymamma care.  Overthrow the undemocratic Jewish judges who step all over the Constitutional will of our Founders and our people, and the Jewish warmonger banksters who push us to battle with our natural allies like Putin and Assad.  Let’s make peace with President Putin, build an alliance of Straight Ice People, kick all the Muslims out, keep them out, and have the America and world we deserve: clean, peaceful, prosperous, virtuous, and smart!

Vote for Donald Trump.


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