Snidely Whiplash on Trump’s Drug Test Challenge

At Vox Day, he comments:

It draws attention to Hillary’s physical weakness and lack of motor control, as well as the eye sync problem. Some number of undecided voters will be looking, consciously or unconsciously, for the tells. And once they’ve seen them, they can’t unsee them.

It’s not the accusation, it’s the doubt that it plants in people’s minds.

It also pressures the Clinton Pharmacological Emergency Response Team to reduce her medication level, especially with psychoactive drugs. Which means either Hillary spending more time and effort controlling her symptoms, or Hillary being undermedicated, and exhibiting even more pronounced symptoms of her underlying neurological problems.

Or both.

And it was guaranteed to get airplay, to get out to the low information voters.

Absolute masterstroke.

–Apparently Dems are floating the idea that Hillary should forfeit skip the third debate–you know, because that meaney Donald Trump called her out on her meds, despite her awesome victories in the first two debates!

Yes, we do wonder what voters will make of a Presidential candidate who skips work whenever she feels it’s a bit scary or beneath her. . . .

What a horrible looking-glass world, where the Clintons project all their own diseases, vices, and crimes onto the innocent and the idiot lapdog (((media))) parrots it all.  God save us from this wicked indignity!  Let Trump win, and let him clean house in this land as perhaps never before has house been cleaned.

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