Dorky Wendy (“Russian Roulette”)

Back when “Ice Cream Cake” was a new-ish thing, I spent an evening scrutinizing these Mnet “fancams” for all the girls, and reading the arguments in the comments over whether Irene or Seulgi were the better dancer, etc.

Anyway, soon enough and that will all be two years ago (even if right now it’s only a year and a half), and that is an epoch in these tender young lives.

And yet, goofy Wendy– who really is too loud and voluble in person, if her television appearances are to go by– is so cute-ugly winsome on stage.

Not as winsome as Joy, mind you– Joy, almost the most prepossessing girl, in her way, in K-pop– but Wendy certainly has her charms.


One comment

  1. Awwwwww, Wendy’s smile right at the end!

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