Which Alphabet Agency do I write to to tell you warmongers to go burn in Hell?

CIA spooks saber-rattle a cyberattack on Christian Russia, to “reveal” Pres. Putin’s supposed “financial indiscretions.”


Hey fucktards, what about the financial indiscretion of Jewish rape of Mother Russia, resulting in a 20,000,000 population decline during the Yeltsin Depression?

What about Vince Foster?  What about the indiscreet arms deal with ISIS gone wrong at the Benghazi consulate, September 11, 2012?  What about Harry Reid’s black eye?  What about that dead guy at the gym–you know, who was supposed to testify against Hillary?

What about Bill’s AIDS? What about Hillary’s speaking fees?  What about the Saudis? What about the Clinton Foundation?  What about “the FBI informant”?  What about Parkinson’s?

What about Sandy Hook? What about Orlando? What about Nice?  What about 9-11?

What about your momma sucking cocks in Hell?

Thank God on your knees that two such men at Pres. Putin and Donald Trump still walk this earth: and prepare to disobey your stupid, traitorous orders from Barry Obama.

Leave Russia the hell alone.  America is a foul, damned place, and you are part of what makes the Divine Wrath imminent upon it.  If we must suffer the purgative flames too, well, it is a consolation that bitchass Satanic ninnys like you are going to go.

Have you never found anything better to do with your life, than egg on World War III on the bad guys’ side, and all for what– low 6-figure fiat dollar salaries and getting a soft-on stalking the corridors of the Freemason’s Lodge called the “Pentagon”?

God bless Putin’s Russia– even at the expense of a false, wicked, damnable, senile “United States”.



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