Vox Day Loses Optimism: and Predicts Putin Attacks!

Vox Day’s new scenario:  the media ignores Trump’s awesome 2nd debate performance and continues to hammer Pussygate.  Pres. Putin faces the apocalyptic prospect of Hillary in the White House, who will start World War III.  A reasonable gamble for Putin: invade the rest of Ukraine, even though he doesn’t want it.  A military crisis will turn our election to Trump, because even the irrational public that plans to vote for Hillary will realize there’s no way a brain-damaged grandma can lead a war against Russia.  Trump will win, and by the Inauguration Putin will have cleared out the Zionist putsch in Kiev and negotiate a withdrawal with Trump.  Russia and America reach a settlement, globalism is stopped, and Kiev is cleared of the criminals traitor Victoria Nuland installed.  Win win win!


In the comments, Vox Day elaborates on his pessimism over Trump’s election prospects at this juncture:

 I’ve said from the beginning that the trend required a constant movement in a certain pattern in the polls. That trend broke conclusively this week, and even reversed.

While it’s certainly possible that the polls are simply beyond fake now, that hasn’t been the case in the past. Trump may still win. There may even be a Trumpslide for one reason or another. But the smooth path to Trumpslide I anticipated no longer exists.

In fact, it was thinking about how Europeans should be praying for a Trump victory that got me thinking about how this looks from Putin’s perspective. If he a) thinks Hillary will win, and b) thinks Hillary will bring Ukraine into NATO, then he has to act on Ukraine before she is elected.

Based on the troop movements, he figured that out in July, at the latest.

–It does appear that the polls stopped moving in Trump’s favor a while ago, and at this moment (too early to tell?) haven’t thawed since the debate.

I must say thought that, given the mendacity of the liberal media/academic establishment, and the demonstrated record of overrepresenting Democrats in the poll samples this season (for that matter, a lot of polls during the GOP primary wildly overstated the supposed strength of Neo-Con approved candidates like Rubio and even Cruz), it should not surprise us if pollsters are engaged in an all-out fraud to demoralize Trump supporters.  After all, in their view the real Apocalypse would be if we didn’t go to war with Russia!

But Vox is only standing by his long-standing contention, that the polls should start to turn to Trump by the end of September, and that now the failure to do so indicates a failure of a Trumpslide to gain traction thus far.  It is worrisome, undoubtedly; but we are dealing with the weight of an entire Establishment determined to stop Trump no matter what.  Any trick that allows them to keep Trump’s numbers down– even the numbers of an actual victory so that they can ballot-stuff their way to a Hillary White House– is “justified” in their putrid eyes.  God knows if they’ll even stop after Trump wins– and by “stop” I don’t just mean filibuster his bills on the floor of the Senate.  To what treason will they– or (((they)))– not stoop?


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