Further Glories of Inkigayo (20161002)

In addition to the A Pink Comeback, we had the very enjoyable Crayon Pop Comeback, the odd but likeable Dal Shabet Comeback, and what by now may or may not be a Goodbye Stage (but isn’t marked as such, so hope springs) for my latest craze, WJSN and their epic e.one anthem “Secret”.

Crayon Pop, supercute in what I think is their best single (baring the glorious OST jam “C’mon C’mon”) since their blockbuster success with “Bar Bar Bar” three years ago:


Dal Shabet’s new Shinsadong Tiger jam–I’m still not sure what to think, but Dal Shabet gave an appealing performance in martial outfits and thigh high boots:


But lastly, yet another refulgent installment of Cosmic Girls’ conquest of my heart with the unflaggingly addicting “Secret”!:


And with A Pink’s “Only One” it looks like we have an official hit quartet for the dawning Season!  Is it too early to say Merry Christmas yet (and Happy Trump Year!)?


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