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Molyneux on Hillary, Women, and War

An engaging Molyneux workout on female deficiencies in statecraft and the art of civilization-saving: Advertisements

Chicago Tribune Calls on Hillary to Resign

Hat-tip  Vox Day.  The Tribune writes: If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process: They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place. Democrats should […]

Hillary is/lam/isis/ is untrustworthy/issues/is a lying criminal/israel

At Vox Popoli, commenter Natalie reports something she saw on twitter about “google dumping Hillary”.  I just tried it out on bing, with the likemindedly negative results reported in my title. For Trump, for comparison’s case, we get: Trump is elected  [!!!!!!] Trump is racist [Actually unfair, but of course I’m a racist myself so […]

Lucius Somesuch’s Dreams

Thursday: Fox Channel’s S. E. Cupp murders Red Velvet’s Wendy.  This was a very eerie and disturbing dream I still remember well, but I don’t want to recount it right now. Today: Trump is poisoned in a movie auditorium, with Hillary’s black medical handler showing up to “assist” him.  I rush to get Don Jr. […]

Jaekyung and the Pussycats: No wait, Rainbow just disbanded

Rainbow just disbanded.  Their contracts having expired, the girls have decided to go their own way. Sigh. Well– not being up to this latest information, I’ll just carry on and go with this energetic “Whoo” I was starting the morning with:   Sigh.  I was going to say high-energy things about it, but I guess […]

Weiner Leaks! Dicktober Surprise! May the bitch be destroyed!

Whole e poop.  “TMI” omgz!! The mysterious reopening of the FBI investigation.  Hillary’s panic.  Assange says his next wikileak will get Hillary arrested? And the facebook traffic analytics that showed Trump winning a landslide?  And now the AI program that concurs– and all this before the FBI announcement? Oh dear Lord how I wish it […]

Scream for Lovelyz!

The girls of glory stroll out like a fairytale come to life! Sigh.  Back when Jin had long hair.  Only a year ago, but the time has passed so quickly! Shall we have a new slice of the New Trilogy before Christmas– a new masterpiece to carol in the Trumpening Renaissance of Ice Peoples everywhere?

K-selected Bunnies

The most important T-ara recording of the Ahreum period, and still the best bookend to “Bo Peep Bo Peep”.  A masterpiece!  

Eunjung feat. Hyomin: “I’m Good”

This special stage from Eunjung’s “Elsie” solo stage pairs her off with her great opposite number from T-ara, Hyomin, for this melancholy musing on that common K-pop theme, the tragically ironic ‘I’m okay’:   Hard to believe how long I dreamed of an Eunjung solo, and now it’s been almost a year and a half […]

Blacks & Browns & Butt-shakin’ Filipinas: comments at Vox Popoli

Legendary commenter Big Gay Steve stopped by a while back, but it was the weekend I had the big migraine, followed by a few weekdays of bangbang roof repairs outside, so I impolitely let the moment slip without a hale greeting in return.  So let us take another welcome dip in BGS/KB’s output at Vox […]

That 70s cinema: “One Of These Nights”

Even with my substantive “review” the moment the video for “One of These Nights” dropped, I still feel this song somehow hasn’t been done justice by me.  Or good heavens, what if I actually begrudged to write about the music then at all? I have a habit, after all, of keeping discreetly mum about a […]

A Pink’s “Only One” Goodbye Stage on Show! Music Core

  I watched this one “last night” (early this morning), the first time in a gazillion months I’ve watched Show! Music Core.  Even with beloved Kim Saeron hosting (and Lord knows I beat myself up for this) I keep missing the program, in large part because they stopped giving out trophies. Of course, if they […]

I heard Red Velvet in a morning dream

Ah, what sweetness! It had something to do with my mom and her dog.  More about the dog.  Who in real life is fine: usually these sad pet dreams have to do with my dead cat.  I’m not sure why this evocative melancholy washed over this particular dream, but as I stepped outside the mall […]

Paul Snively on Trump’s Rhetorical Skills

At Althouse, commenter Paul Snively writes: There are still people who don’t understand that Trump uses ambiguity and free association on purpose? Wow. Just wow. Hint: Trump’s not the stupid one here. He sees perfectly well when the person on the other side of the table is trying to lead him into a trap, and […]

Vince Foster! Bribes! Arkancide! Lesbo!: the Hillary Lies are Breaking!

The National Enquirer is dropping its dossier!  And yes, Virginia, they cracked the Edwards love child lies, now here comes the greatest public service of all. Stay home, soccer moms. Hillary’s a liar, a perv, and a maniac. Better yet, vote for your children, and vote for Donald Trump.   Citizens of Ohio, Pennsylvania. Florida, join the […]

Snidely Whiplash on Trump’s Drug Test Challenge

At Vox Day, he comments: It draws attention to Hillary’s physical weakness and lack of motor control, as well as the eye sync problem. Some number of undecided voters will be looking, consciously or unconsciously, for the tells. And once they’ve seen them, they can’t unsee them. It’s not the accusation, it’s the doubt that […]

Dorky Wendy (“Russian Roulette”)

Back when “Ice Cream Cake” was a new-ish thing, I spent an evening scrutinizing these Mnet “fancams” for all the girls, and reading the arguments in the comments over whether Irene or Seulgi were the better dancer, etc. Anyway, soon enough and that will all be two years ago (even if right now it’s only […]

Which Alphabet Agency do I write to to tell you warmongers to go burn in Hell?

CIA spooks saber-rattle a cyberattack on Christian Russia, to “reveal” Pres. Putin’s supposed “financial indiscretions.” lozlzozlzozlzolzolz Hey fucktards, what about the financial indiscretion of Jewish rape of Mother Russia, resulting in a 20,000,000 population decline during the Yeltsin Depression? What about Vince Foster?  What about the indiscreet arms deal with ISIS gone wrong at the […]

Serri’s Cute Orange Hair

The new Dal Shabet single isn’t a masterpiece, but Serri has some very cute orange hair to rock on this M! Countdown stage:   And of course Ah Young looks cute in those high waisted shorts too.  And Subin! you grunge minx!  And what can one say about Woohee, except– ah, Woohee! Indeed, I’m so […]

Goddess Xuan Yi and the Frosty Girls with “Secret”

Another frosty glade WJSN stage, handsomely mounted for Show Champion, with my blonde Chinese crush Xuan Yi, along with ChengXiao, Yeonjung, MeiQi, Eunseo, and all the other angels of Cosmic Girls at it again.  Shhh!

“I am increasingly of the belief the HRC’s internal polling data must show her losing big to DJT”

In a follow-up post by Vox Day on Trump’s freshly declared and reemphasized crusade against the globalist cabal, commenter Will writes: I am increasingly of the belief the HRC’s internal polling data must show her losing big to DJT. The over the top attempt to take him down via the coordinated NBC led ‘pussygate’ attach, […]

Vox Day Loses Optimism: and Predicts Putin Attacks!

Vox Day’s new scenario:  the media ignores Trump’s awesome 2nd debate performance and continues to hammer Pussygate.  Pres. Putin faces the apocalyptic prospect of Hillary in the White House, who will start World War III.  A reasonable gamble for Putin: invade the rest of Ukraine, even though he doesn’t want it.  A military crisis will […]


An energized Trump returns to the campaign in the wake of trouncing Hillary, recites “The Snake”, meets Trump Toddler, and pledges to Make America Great Again!  

Pussy Galore: God Demands You Vote for Trump

Zionists in Washington DC are trying to tear apart Syria and kill Russians there to help preserve the lawful government of the moderate President Assad against ISIS. Zionists in Washington DC overthrew the government of Ukraine, stole the nation’s gold reserves, and have unleashed chaos, destruction, and Jewish rulership on that White nation. Zionists in Washington […]

Happy Birthday Soyeon!

Hail, Queen of Queen’s!  T-ara’s Main Vocal Soyeon turns 29! And while rumors still swirl of an album-length new Korean release, let us pause to recall the epic body of work T-ara already has left in its wake, from “Good Person” to “For You”, encompassing one of the very greatest discographies of the post-Gustav Mahler […]

7,470,340 Dead Nigerians

Emperor Lucius just dropped the Tsar Bomb on Lagos over at Nukemap. Now, a modest North Korean 6kt bomb will get you 35, 830 dead (plus 200,00 injured).  Maybe the fallout and disruptions would be enough to defuse the population bomb though? If I were Emperor, I think I’d build a bunch of 6 kiloton […]

Happy Birthday Yuju!

GFriend’s awesome Main Vocal turns nineteen! And what an awesome year for her and the girls!  Even with her broken hand, Yuju soldiered on through the “Navillera” promotions, and with the year’s two biggest girl group singles under their belt (possibly the two biggest singles, period) GFriend indeed has achieved iconic and hegemonic success!   […]

Further Glories of Inkigayo (20161002)

In addition to the A Pink Comeback, we had the very enjoyable Crayon Pop Comeback, the odd but likeable Dal Shabet Comeback, and what by now may or may not be a Goodbye Stage (but isn’t marked as such, so hope springs) for my latest craze, WJSN and their epic anthem “Secret”. Crayon Pop, […]

Winter and Fall: A Pink’s Sublimely Lucent Inkigayo Comeback Stage

I can’t even describe it, so I won’t: it’s past even my bedtime, and I only just thought to check to see if Inkigayo was up yet.  Well of course I should’ve expected perfection, but– be still my heart . . . . I don’t deserve something so beautiful, but here it is.  This is […]

A Pink’s “Show! Music Core” Comeback

–which MBC has, very distressingly, clipped short in both cases. For the intro, an almost full presentation of the new album’s late mid-tempo contemplative track (with an intro that reminds me a bit of Oasis), “Ding Dong”: And of course the main course:   The opulent sheen and overwhelming prettiness in both are a blessed […]