Lester Holt, being subhuman, asked retarded questions

The first debate was an unpleasant-to-watch exercise in attempted “disqualification”, putting Donald Trump under cross-inspection for the minutiae of his life: his IRS audit, a casual affair that carries no implication of guilt, was subjected to scrutiny as though it were a scandal of national importance, while Hillary Clinton’s felonious, possibly treasonous, deletion of tens of thousands of emails (with all the suspicion that carries of her selling national secrets and covering up her complicity in matters like running guns and missiles to ISIS through her patsy Chris Stevens, brutally tortured, raped, and murdered by Obama’s pet Muslims) was only confronted by Trump.

Indeed, as far as the questions go, you would think Hillary were already a sitting President and Donald Trump some sort of school child sent up to play Student United Nations or something.  Instead of focusing on weighty national affairs, in a land of skyrocketing violence and African-in-America terrorism, Holt sought to muddy Trump’s reputation and silence his message of last-ditch redemption in the face of impending apocalypse as Hillary’s Jewish puppetmasters steer us to nuclear war against Russia and a global pogrom against ethnically pure “Ice People.”

And Trump, in my view, did not always have the strongest focus.  He shouldn’t have allowed himself to reiterate the minutiae of his business dealings, as though this were a pre-Iowa caucus forum and he were just now getting people to know him.

However, he also had good moments, and Hillary’s smartass, entitled smirk does her no favors.  It must be remembered too that John Kerry unquestionably won his first debate against George W., and Mitt Romney unquestionably won his first debate against Obama, yet both (particularly Romney) sank in subsequent debates and of course both lost their elections.

Trump might indeed be playing rope-a-dope here: Obama was accused of doing just that in 2012, and if a dullard like Obama can do it, Heaven knows Trump can.

Even so, this was no disaster for Trump and I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t continue pushing incremental gains in the state-by-state polls.  The public is furious, and on issues like racial violence, where Trump hammered home the plight of the inner cities, I would even say he probably continued to gain traction with the minority of black voters willing to consider voting Republican and, more importantly, continued to impress the “normies” who are still frightened to be thought of as “racists” but see the urgent need to shut down the BLM terrorism and general reign of terror black lawlessness and stupidity imposes upon our nation.


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