Happy Birthday Yookyung!

Retired A Pink member Yookyung turns 22!


Although she left the group over three years ago, before they had seriously entered my radar, I am grateful to remember finally to celebrate her birthday.  As an integral part of the ensemble behind the first three classic A Pink albums, she will forever be a part of such beloved masterworks as “It Girl”, “Wishlist”, “Let Us Just Love”, “Bubibu”, and “My My”, the last of which has a just claim to lay to the title of Greatest Pop Recording of All Time– and as such, Yookyung’s place in the pantheon of music and the hearts of its lovers is forever assured!

And who can ever forget Yookyung’s patented spoken-Engrish intros and breakdowns?  They will forever be a calling-card of the early A Pink style.


So God bless A Pink Yookyung, and we wish you happiness, success, and a lovely 22nd birthday!


One comment

  1. Eric · · Reply

    Now that Yookyung is retired, she should become a housewife, It just so happens that my house is available…

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