A Pink: The “Only One” Teaser

So we have our first audio glimpse of the new single.  After about a half dozen playthroughs (boy they really hid Bomi didn’t they?), I’m going to make the following guesses:

On the optimistic side:  “Only One” may be like a more uptempo version of “Sunday Monday”, in which case the final product may be a gorgeously moody, autumnal anthem, almost a kind of “anti-single”.

On the pessimistic side: if these slivers of audio just represent the song’s slower bits (Eunji’s vocal breakdown, some sort of chorus outtros) then it may still be a mediocre dance-pop tune in the veing of “Only You” and the producers’ other big hits.  Teasers aren’t obligated to grant us an unprejudiced look into what the final product will be, so it’s possible we’re still in for a trainwreck of competent but uninspired mediocrity.  But here’s praying we’re not!

This video footage is gorgeous, but if the whole video looks exactly like this it’s going to push the faded pastel tone of Autumn 2014’s roster of videos (like Laboum’s “What About You” and Girl’s Day’s “I Want to See”) into sheer opaqueness.  Namjoo blowing glitter at the camera is very pretty, but I too want to see what’s happening.


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