A Pink’s New Single Isn’t a S. Tiger production– but Dal Shabet’s is

I’ve been sitting on the worrisome news that the forthcoming A Pink comeback is produced by the guy who did miss A’s “Only You” and Twice’s “Cheer Up”, both distinctly underwhelming tracks, but I’ll try and hold fire on my worries until we hear an audio teaser.

But meanwhile, the Dal Shabet comeback we’ve known to be in the works for a while is in fact a Shinsadong Tiger production.


S. Tiger first worked with Dal Shabet on “B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)” in January 2014.  That was a bit of a change for Dal Shabet, in some ways effectively closing the book on the group’s cartoon sci-fi E-tribe period and transitioning them into a sophisticatedly playful “sake-she concept” group (I’d say “Be Ambitious”, despite its leggy choreography, is still somewhat in the middle).

Dal Shabet’s January comeback this year was a surprisingly satisfying Brave Brothers number, with a video that consciously paid reference to the “B.B.B.” video.  Curious, because the video for “B.B.B.” frankly was the one big fail in Dal Shabet’s videography.  But the second time round the concepts worked better.  Today as a quartet, Dal Shabet sports a very sleek look, and Subin, one of the most precocious talents in K-pop, has begun establishing herself this year as a soloist, on top of her distinction as chief writer-producer of the Joker Was Here album.

So while I expect great things from A Pink, I think they’re at an awkward transitional moment which must determine whether they indeed can still succeed SNSD as Nation’s Girl Group, or else are condemned to a sort of mid-high tier status (think Kara circa “Pandora” and “Damaged Lady”) where their biggest things are behind them.  But the promise of a Shinsadong Tiger production for Dal Shabet is that they will deliver just what the fan expects of them nowadays– something that might not be a big hit, but will chime satisfyingly with the pleasurable catalog of releases that came before.


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