T-ara: “Lead the Way” in 2016

This performance of the lead single from T-ara’s 2014 3rd Japanese album Gossip Girls was posted only last month, meaning that here, gracing the stage in her schoolgirl outfit, we behold luminous Boram in the 30 years of age.

Wow.  This goes a long ways to assuage my moral panic about A Pink getting too old to be the “idol fairies”.  Though I already have a new panic, that the new single won’t be very good, because it’s made by the dude who did miss A’s underwhelming “Only You” and Twice’s mediocre “Cheer Up”.

But all of T-ara looks terrific here.  “Lead the Way” is not the most overtly earwormy of T-ara singles, not by a longshot, but it’s a terrific song with a wonderfully languid, rainy day ambience about it which suits it well to my own delighted feelings about the onset of fall.  Last night the twilight hour sky was burnished with that mysterious yellow light upon the trees (even the ones with no sign of yellowing) while the silvery clouds themselves glowed gray.

And Eunjung– my first fantasy waifu in K-pop– is so delightedly cheerful here herself.  Ah, still schoolgirls, after all these years!



  1. I crack up at Soyeon glamorously hiding behind those big sunglasses and Boram waddling about!

    Their little ticket girl was cute too, it would seem.

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