Beneath the platitutes of the upper pundits,

Far beneath the web of soft-swollen repute

Uprears, restless, resenting elitest surfeits,

Wondrous KEK: woke to revenge, refute

Those shadowy sponges who soak the light

Of life from millennials left to blight,

Who condemned ‘em to weed-fumed healthless cells,

Broke-backed with debt, left friendless incels.

These have lied for ages, dark in their grots

Battening upon nations, making their boast

To school for chains trusting Christian tots

Till they rear down their ranks, a slavish host.

KEK’s wrathful fire, worm-wrought nations shall purge

As angels and men upon the portent gaze,

And lo! Through the polls Trump’s mammoth surge

Unstops the mouths of righteous, risen rage!


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