Hayoung: “Pink Revolution” Teaser

And lastly our maknae Hayoung’s teasers:


I think the style of the last three teasers (Naeun, Namjoo, Hayoung) shows an improvement over the first three.  Maybe there’s a design at work here, starting off with a style that seems a bit more unexpected before moving to something closer to the actual concept for the album?

Of course these minimalist white and beige outfits don’t exactly scream what you would call a Pink Revolution, but then I don’t expect A Pink to come out looking like Red Velvet.  This outfit of Hayoung’s above, for example, wouldn’t be totally out of place in a Lovelyz promotion: it’s not really a “uniform” but it has a melancholy office-chic quality that’s not out of place for a “schoolgirl concept” evolved for a band that has a couple of 23 year-olds.

But not Hayoung!  She’s still barely 20!


This is a cool outfit too.  Though I’m not sure I’d relish Hayoung dancing in a skirt that tight, the pleated look is cool.  Here again I think the outfits have evolved over the sequence of teasers into something more wearable, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this or something like it shows up in a video.

If the outfits indeed are taken from an MV, which ones represent the new single?  Does the minimalist wardrobe adumbrate a “Destiny”esque moody pop release? Or perhaps do the white and tan outfits hail from a “Petal” style ballad, and the eyepopping colors from the dance single?


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