Cozy Rainbow: “Bad Man Crying”

Catching up with so many of these old performances, I’ll lose them if I don’t post a few (I’ve got another “Bad Man Crying” in a new draft).  Here the girls sing their glorious ballad in this funkily cramped studio wearing mismatched headphones, and of course lovely Noeul and Goddess Yoonhye at what I look for!


Of course Jaekyung is really sexy, and somehow that speaker at her right in the frame makes that black sweater look even more awesome.  The whole of the Innocent mini-album is high quality, but “Bad Man Crying” (the opening track) and “Black Swan” represent for me about the artistic height of popular music– particularly of what might popularly be considered the more “mature” or “adult” sonic and emotional spectrum of modern music.

Speaking of “Black Swan”, well of course we get that from this set too:



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