Eunji: “Pink Revolution” Teaser

Main Vocal, solo Inkigayo winner and acting superstar Eunji is third in line with her Pink Revolution teaser photos:


The minimalist side of these teaser photos seems to promise something arty and “mature” in a delicate way; but to be totally honest, the limp hair and muted tones aren’t inspiring in the Lovelyz A New Trilogy way.  It’s almost a bit grungy.  But then, it also has a strong Japanese vibe, and with the direction GFriend and Lovelyz have given to the artistic vanguard of pop, it makes sense for A Pink (also a current success in Japan) to move in that direction.


This second photo gives Eunji a miss A Suzy vibe.  I mean, it’s nothing outlandish and it’s not grossly sake-she.  But whatever the final style choice for this comeback, I hope it isn’t something “try-hard” even if, otherwise, it’s not a break from their past.

I mean, no sane decent person wants an EXID from A Pink, but I also just don’t want A Pink trying to be “modern” or “funky” or whatever.  I’m not sure I even want them doing “Destiny”.  Yes it sucks that Eunji turned 23 but that doesn’t mean she can’t still be a fairy!

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