Warren Beatty’s New Movie Exists

Interesting. . . .

I’d really be thrilled if Warren in his old age, with a daughter destroyed by liberal sex theory ( and doubtless her revulsion at her father’s promiscuity) made a picture in which innocence and virtue triumph over age and cynicism, but it looks more like it’ll be a love triangle with Collins becoming a precocious floozy caught between Francis Coppola’s protégé (who I guess is finally going places) and Mr. Academy himself.

But maybe– maybe this will be his The Tempest after all?

Anyway, it looks like a stylish production with Warren giving the kind of performance that– just maybe?– might finally snag him a Best Actor Oscar from the jaws of retirement.

Poor Warren.  And to think this is his first film in– seventeen years?


One comment

  1. btw, what’s up with that gaggle of mystery meats at 1:07 who supposedly illustrate “big bosoms and sexy”? Pretty anachronistic notion of “sexy” for the film’s period. Actually, none of those chicks look “hot” today. Would Warren bang?

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