Red Velvet “Russian Roulette” MV Review

It has all the high-gloss photography and visual wit you would expect from a Red Velvet video: no lapse into the lazy dance-in-a-box stuff that was good enough for f(X) in their heyday.

And the song itself is the kind of slightly-laid-back dance-pop my ears find sweet: glossily produced, agreeably cooing.

Nonetheless, this all feels a bit like a year’s-delayed b-side to “Dumb Dumb”.  Coming on the heels of Laboum’s similarly-themed video for the manic “Shooting Love”, Red Velvet’s entry comes off as slick but not altogether inspired.

The macabre wit of the various cartoon accidents the members inflict on each other is clever; but, while I won’t exactly call it off-putting, it’s not the sort of thing I can fall in love with.  Fashionwise, the girls all look fun and adorable, but that’s nothing new (and why does Seulgi sometimes look here so much like 4Minute’s Sohyun?).  And some of the graphic effects perhaps recall a bit too much Lovelyz’ “Ah Choo”.  The digipedi school of videography has supplied many amazing works, and this one is no embarrassment, but I don’t think it quite measures up to the best.  At the worst, I might suggest it has a certain cloying Orange Caramel quality that doesn’t wear so great over the long haul.


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