How much of this is real (and I hope it is) or just aspirational I’m not sure; but I was just watching the latest Laboum Pops in Seoul Q&A where Solbin talks of “Journey to Atlantis” as now (present tense) bubbling on the charts and how they hope it and “Shooting Love” will rise on the charts.  And then she talks about a renewed interest in “Laboum classics”– which made me instantly resolve to dedicate a series to the same, “Fantasy” and all–but after I’m done watching it (in fact I replayed this whole Solbin?Haein business about renewed interest in their old songs and the rest where Yulhee wants to do a “dance-ballad”) I immediately find they’ve just performed “Aalow Aalow” again on Music Bank.  And here they are, again, doing it for the skinny formerly fat chick on MBC’s radio broadcast:


Well, I got more out of it on the second play, so I’ll have to give it a third and come back for an update!


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