Bomi: “Pink Revolution” Teaser

Bomi is next with a pair of teaser photos for the September 26th Pink Revolution album.


First, in this chic minimalist outfit that’s more modernist than Chorong’s in her “soft” teaser pic.  The off-the-shoulder effect adds a touch of sexy moodiness.


And a sporty cableknit sweater in almost a flesh tone.  This time, I’d say the equivalent saturated photo of Chorong is more techno in spirit.  Bomi here reminds me of f(X) Sulli a bit, who also sometimes affected a bit of tomboyishness.  I’m happy Bomi’s kept her black hair– not that her other dos haven’t been great, but I’ve enjoyed the almost Japanese look Bomi has rocked with her carefully styled deep black hair this year (though I do especially love it when it’s got some curl.  Bomi, can you curl it a little bit for the Comeback?).


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