Laboum’s 2nd week on Inkigayo: “Shooting Love”

Soyeon’s blonde fades, but meow mix Solbin gets a powder blue heart collar!

I guess Soyeon was styled to show midriff on this comeback because of her “fierce” 2nd verse couplet, which almost constitutes a “breakdown” or quasi-rap of its own.  Yulhee, of course, plays her raps so fierce she almost crosses over from her dolllike “What About You?” aegyo into Luc Besson territory (at about 2:10-12 she’s almost a little scary– it reminds me of some other, lesser, idol but I can’t pinpot who exactly.  Maybe that Yulhee-wannabe chick from Sonamoo lolz!).  All in all, a charmingly costumed and vigorously executed performance.  Did I mention that Solbin gets a powder blue heart collar?!?

–I’ll add, by way of compliments to the other members, that ZN shows chipmunk exuberance and Yujeong, always so stable and reliable, shoots her arrows with that kind of charismatic fantasy-1st grade teacher femininity she exudes nonstop.  As for Haein, this song isn’t as much a starring turn for her as “Sugar Sugar” or “Aalow Aalow”, but our first glimpse of her mugging the camera as they break from behind Solbin is alone enough.  Anyway, Yulhee had to ride shotgun on “Journey to Atlantis” so it all works out.  Laboum hwaiting!


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