Beethoven in Tennis Skirts

The inimitable Nation’s Girl Group, with a goddess-green set back at it in “Me Gustas Tu” days.

Was “Me Gustas Tu” already their “Gee”?  But if so, what then is “Rough”?  Well, it’s “Luv” for one thing, but what then is “Navillera”?

I so hate it that corporate clown groups like Blackpink and Twice get tens of millions of MV views and all this coverage when essentially they’re nonentities.  Comparing them to GFriend is like comparing some inbred Hapsburg princelings to Napoleon.

Everything GFriend achieves is by their own astonishing effort and artistry.  Their last three singles have perhaps reinvented the entire future course of global pop, besides being intrinsic four minute symphonies of dazzling power and enchantment.

And yet once more, damn to hell those asianjunkie flakes who think K-pop isn’t about the music, because the only kind of people for whom K-pop isn’t about the music are the tacky pack of music-haters who think Twice’s stupid cheerleader costumes or “Uncle YG”s hoochies in their hooker boots are important because, FASHION!  Well screw you, losers.  Because GFriend are Beethoven in tennis skirts!


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