The “Mom” Vote

Over at Derbyshire’s perch at The Unz Review, commenter YT Wurlitzer makes this timely pitch:

[Trump’s immigration address] was a wonderful speech following a successful trip. It was huge. But I agree that it has become extremely important now to elect Trump. If we don’t, we’ll be living in a post-Constitutional, post-nation, PC-racialist hell.

I implore the liberal, white female demographic (lots of them reading here, no doubt) to see what is truly at stake here. Your children’s well-being depends on a logical limit on blackmail for history and whiteness. Currently there isn’t one. Your posterity needs the Mom vote to see the Democratic Party critically. If their power becomes absolute, you’ll get that white atonement you wanted and more.

Yes, the college-edumacated White women need to get their heads straight at least long enough to recognize that the Dallas slaughter and the intransigent self-importance, not only of the Black Bullshit Matters movement, but of mestizo supremacists, Asian quota/visa hustlers, and of course the creepy hypersexual nepotistic and conspiratorial (((American Jews))) spells unemployment, disenfranchisement, depression and death for their progeny.

It’s time for White women to quit exulting in the mass pussyfication of the universe and recognize that their husbands and sons need balls, they and their daughters need modesty, and they all require and deserve the peace and quiet of the wholesome land their forebears carved out for them– free of face-tattooed Mexican gangbangers, pavement chimps, and Satanist Jewish media.  It means rejecting their decrepit sockpuppet Hillary Clinton.  It means embracing the masculine sagacity and constructive thinking of Donald Trump, who speaks forcefully because these are dangerous times– made al the more so by the deadening of language and public discourse, which deadening has also been largely the work of “sensitive” females.

So do what we’re telling you to do and vote for Trump.  Consider carefully what your Open Borders Democrats(and their “race blind” anti-Trump Republican equivalents) mean for you, your safety, your neighborhood, and your children.  Because if we have to shoot our way out of this Zionist-Third World hellscheme don’t think you won’t receive a few head-shavings too, “ladies” . . . .

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