Trump’s “Dread Game”

Perusing Heartiste’s twitter feed, I came across this intriguing explanation for the last week or two in the Trump campaign:  Trump teased and taunted the world with the threat of a “flip-flop”, inducing for his own base the experience of “dread game”, where a successful alpha male induces in his female partner the dread that he will leave her for greener pastures.  The “push-pull” drama of feigning a wandering eye, replaced with renewed affections rapturously received, raises emotional temperatures all the higher.

Now, I never really felt Trump threatened us with abandonment: if anything, I thought Ann Coulter was either being menopausal, or else was in on some sort of game with Trump.  And the latter could indeed be the case!  But at the worst, Trump couldn’t conceivably be as bad as George W. Bush, McCain, Romney, Obama, or Hillary on any of the essential issues of the day– and if in office he proved somehow a milquetoast, we could never forget the stimulus his campaign already has provided to public discourse.  Trump has begot a new power in the world: as a rhetorical demiurge it will blaze into ever higher flames even if somehow he were suddenly eclipsed on the scene.

I was busy with family during the excitement of the Mexico jaunt and subsequent immigration speech, and only fitfully tuned in (without actually watching it) to the drab noxiousness of mainstream television in the background to hear what was being said.  Those creatures indeed tried to spin it as some sort of “contradiction”, but the spectacle of “Hispanic conservatives” bitching and throwing out their support told me the true story.  Fuck ’em.  Every piece of shit Person of Color fake “conservative” who publicly scolds Trump is another five White voters who join the team.  America cannot shed these disloyalists fast enough.  For a “conservative Latino” to publicly excoriate Trump’s immigration plan is proof positive for all that Trump’s immigration policy is the real deal.




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