Man, I must be right over the target. Harassment, death threats, fairly decent multi-tiered psychological harassment. How sick IS Hillary?  —D. G. Seaman

Informed citizens hardly need be reminded at this point that Hillary Clinton (like her husband) is in a mysteriously advanced state of ill health–an unsound mind in a bloated, tottering body.  Dazed, confused, sometimes frozen, given mystery injections, talked down to like a retarded child, using stepstools to get into a regular SUV, stools needed at the podium, being manhandled up the steps by Secret Service, being held upright by Secret Service, and of course going around constantly swaddled in baggy clothes that may reasonably be inferred by now to conceal some apparatus related to her condition.

Alas, there are so many citizens who remain wretched uninformed– and refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes, or else are refused even the briefest rehearsal of the relavant data by a globo-Jomo media complex determined to get their war with Russia.  At this point Hillary is less Angela Lansbury than her effete, horribly brainwashed son– a broken pawn.  Besides all the obvious signs of real physical frailty and freeze-ups whenever “surprised”, there is the alarming fact of her 260-some days without a press conference.  Hillary is, for whatever exact reason (stroke, concussion, Parkinson’s) incapable of answering spontaneously and probably greatly inpaired in the ability to think spontaneously.  One can only see so many of Huma’s nappytime emails before one begins to see that Hillary has been . . . drifting . . . for a long while.  And yes, I’ll allow that some of that “sleep” talk might be a euphemism for other activities, but still.

The latest martyr in the search for Hillary’s missing health is former HuffPo journalist D. G. Seaman, whose content was vanished after penning some pieces questioning Hillary’s condition and linking to a video (I don’t know which one) of Hillary’s unhealthy behaviors.  Alex Jones has picked him up, so I trust he will enjoy a safe and fun landing.  However, his twitter reports a stream of harassment, including death threats and ominous references to family members.  Looking to the mysterious trail of bodies that follows the Clintons and their eponymous Foundation (reputed to be a hotbed of criminal activity so treasonous and Machiavellian as to warrant declarations of war should its full activities ever be disclosed) we must seriously pray for Mr. Seaman’s well-being, and steel ourselves to redouble the assault against Hillary’s stonewalling lies and the risible attempts of the media to run interference for this decrepit warmonger.

Late Show idiots may genuinely be stupid enough to believe Trump stands for megalomania and Hillary for sweet reason (just as they may be stupid enough to mistake opening a pickle jar for the ability to stand upright– but hey, did that pickle jar pop when she opened it?), but whether they are that stupid or not is beside the point.  Most of the prompt-readers and talking heads are the court hermaphrodite hirelings of the Soros-Satanic-Zionist cabal that wants our boys’ boots back on the ground in the Middle East to murder righteous Syrians for the sake of their banking masters.  A Jewish think tank has had the audacity to declare openly that ISIS’ survival is ‘good for the Jews’.  But Assad, they demand, must go.  Well, fuck them.  Assad must stay, and Trump must rise.  This, or any election at the end of August, is the furthest thing from “over”.  Press on, take out this nasty zombie candidate, and don’t let another stooge rise to insert itself in her place.  With Trump, we can enjoy a President not only healthy, but manly, measured, and eager to secure a sound border for a sound citizenry.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    This story was buried by the American press, but shows that Hilary’s mental condition was a concern to her associates even before her injury:


    It was rumored back in the 1990s that Bill Clinton had contracted syphilis. Hilary is actually showing some symptoms of advanced stages of that disease.

    1. Well, speaking of Bill: the notorious “FBI Inf0rmant” that showed up in some forum (the 28 Sherman blogger hat-tipped this) claims (and I’ve been casting bets with anybody game enough to take it up) that “Bill Clinton will be dead by the end of the year”. A Murdoch Murdoch parody attributes this to AIDS, and indeed with events like the death of Prince I’m starting to believe AIDS deaths are another thing (like homosexuality itself) that The Powers That Be hypocritically hide away under the carpet. Coming out of the closet is for Little People.

      That bizarre hole on Hillary’s tongue has of course been attributed to her tender ministrations to Huma’s privates, but then that “begs the question”– did Huma even consummate her marriage with Weiner? Was he such a Jewish bad boy that sometimes she got turned on by him? lozlzoz I recently saw a photo of the pair, supplied with parody speech bubbles showing them growling at each other with raciss invectives until they decide to work it out in a motel room.

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