Oh My Girl’s “Liar Liar” on Music Bank: 20160422

The camera choreo for this Music Bank stage doesn’t necessarily show the fancy footwork to its best, but as far as Oh My Girl’s facial expressions and interactions go it’s a delightful piece of cinema verite.  Plus, I said “camera choreo” for a reason, since Music Bank specializes in the lengthy flowing takes that lend their broadcasts that special sense of realism and intimacy along with a visually impressive flow.

Binnie is shown to great advantage.  As the biggest butterface in K-pop, she has a special place in my heart.  True, her bookish image took a hit after I witnessed her dance cover of AOA’s “Confused” (of course I love “Confused” when AOA do it, but since when would I desire my fantasy waifus to cover that choreo?), but she’s actually quite young and I think we can allow her to try a harmless exercise in being slightly naughty.  Yes, she has to compete with goddesses like Jiho and Yooa and Hyojung, but she has such a cute intensity and gentle mischievousness about her.  And I do love her dorky face.  It’s easy to imagine her in real life listening to rocks (or the lichen) like she does in the video for “A-ing”.

This may have been the “Goodbye Stage” for “Liar Liar”, although it’s not marked as such.  I’ll assume Seunghee was responsible for more of those pops, since we actually catch her making another when she blows a kiss.  They all seem to be in a cut-up frame of mind, appropriate to a Goodbye Stage; but then, this is a “beagle group”!   JinE of course was still working her waterspout whale-inspired hair do (“I am in charge of ‘pink’ and ‘whales'”), before transitioning to the more classic look of their “Windy Day” promotions, which I admit is on the whole more flattering to her face.  It’s cute of course, but it’s like Yooa’s style, whereas in “Windy Day” I think we see JinE something closer to her own personality: soft, reflexive, a bit melancholy perhaps.  But with an underlying sense of wonder which, we hope, will waft her to renewed vigor.

If I haven’t copped to it by now: the “Liar Liar” footwear is just so danged funky.


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