PAC on “Globalism” (with thoughts on its reversal)

At Vox Popoli, commenter PAC writes:

Globalism is Zionism: viz., Jewish nationalism and its claim to worldwide dominion. Its current imperial enforcer is America, and it will continue to be until America is sucked dry–at which point Pax Judaica (which is anything but peace) will replace Pax Americana. This needs to be hammered again and again. It’s a terrifying moment in history when the equation can be made that simply–it reeks of end times, for any Christian–but that is the extreme rate at which history is currently converging.

This simple message needs to be passed around. Don’t let them get away with “globalism,” which is a specific political and religious agenda hiding under cover of a seemingly neutral, innocuous term chosen for its connotation of inevitability.

As for Jesus being a globalist Jew–replace globalist with Zionist, and you’ll see this person is essentially calling Christ the Antichrist. That’s how absurd, perverse and harmful this tripe is.

–Globalists are willing to invoke even Jesus Christ as a Babel-rebuilder, in order to propagandize on behalf of their mission to destroy Christendom.  It is imperative to remind all Christians that Christ offered nothing in favor of universal temporal power.  Revelations repeatedly invokes “nations” in the plural, indicating that throughout the providential design for this world, nations and peoples are not subsumed in Christ, but remain lively and separate.  Indeed, we might ask whether the Heavenly kingdom altogether abandons them.

It is likewise worth pondering whether non-Ice populations can truly understand Christianity.  While I should altogether prefer to be rid of African populations and their problems, leaving them among themselves in Africa to work out their own welfare and salvation, we must grimly note there is little reason to believe blacks can even survive, above modest numbers and in savage conditions, without outside help.  I am not advocating recolonization; but whether the Alt-Right can effectively assert nationalist autonomy for all peoples is questionable when some peoples don’t seem to possess the native gifts even to organize themselves into nation-states.  The Portuguese explorers called southern African “the land without kings.”

As Donald Trump advances towards the White House, there is great hope in my heart that, even without explicitely asserting so or even privately believing it, Trump will massively facilitate resegregation in American society, as is only proper and just.  Blacks, for all their complaints about “inequality”, seem to chafe more over the patrolling of their “communities” by police enforcing the “White man’s laws” than they do over a lack of numbers in the U.S. Senate.  Since black lives plainly do not matter a great deal to black people, perhaps we should leave them alone to kill themselves.

Unlike some, I am by no means disheartened by Trump’s real or alleged “flip-flopping” on amnesty.  The simple fact of building the Wall, along with his obvious relish for punishing companies for offshoring jobs and relying upon slave-wage illegals, will contribute mightily to self-deportation.  At the worst, even if Trump did technically amnesty some number of illegals, their becoming “legal” without a fresh supply of new, cheaper illegal labor to replace them (because the Wall forbids their entry) will mean el cheapo manufacturers will have no incentive to reply upon ignorant, brokeback browns over native Whites.  If they have to pay a decent wage, they might as well hire the best.  And mestizos, lacking employment, will drift back home (I do think Trump will also angrily reform welfare fraud– he doesn’t take lightly to preferring foreigners over our Vets).

With Pres. Trump securing a rebirth of sovereignty for White America, the Western world will enjoy a Washington-Moscow axis which will, by example and policy, hasten further exits from the demented EUSSR project.  May Jewish Neo-cons be loud in their wails!  The White world is glorious because of White people, and it is time to take our lands back from the Babel-builders.


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