A Cosmic Frosty Glade

Speaking of that whole “oversupply of talents” thing: I haven’t adopted a new rookie group since April (the group).  If my effusive jottings here seem bewildering enough, only consider that, between A Pink, Lovelyz, Laboum, T-ara, GFriend, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, April, and Dal Shabet (and the list could go on, if SNSD and miss A were not hobbled and 4Minute discarded and KARA “disbanded”– BUT IS IT?!?) my celestial pantheon is so full that, between stage performances and albums, I have little enough time that I must severely reprimand myself for my failures to keep up with their variety shows and appearances, many of which will pass unseen and unacknowledged.  What kind of fan am I?

And yet, there is something discreditable about ignoring all the rising phenomena in K-pop too, like DIA (sister-group to T-ara!) or CLC.  And then there’s Cosmic Girls (WJSN), another of these sprawling (thirteen members in this case) multinational (Korean-Chinese) outfits, something I find in principle an unappealing trend.  But:  they do have that Visual who looks like Namjoo, and so I can’t just altogether ignore them.  Plus, this Music Bank performance has such lovely, frosty costumes (as well as a goofy sci-fi spoof intro).  So I leave this here:



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