Get Well, JinE!


Oh My Girl’s JinE, perhaps under the strain of the group’s much commented upon back-to-back-to-back(to-back) promotions, has taken a leave of health from the “A-ing” schedules, attributed to her previously-disclosed anorexia:

On August 25, WM Entertainment released a statement on Oh My Girl’s fan cafe and homepage to inform fans about JinE taking a break from activities.

The agency stated, “JinE will temporarily halt activities due to health reasons. We would like to apologize to fans who love Oh My Girl and JinE for relaying this news suddenly.”

They continued, “JinE showed symptoms of anorexia after debut so she went to a hospital and received an evaluation and treatment. JinE and the company contemplated over the issue for a long time and decided after discussing the matter that our company artist’s health comes first.”

As for future plans, the agency said, “Following schedules will be promoted by the other seven members excluding JinE. We will wholeheartedly support JinE while she rests and receives treatment. We apologize once more for bringing this sudden news to fans and ask that you continue to show Oh My Girl unchanging love and interest.”

Oh My Girl’s JinE Halts Activities Due To Anorexia

JinE has become a favorite of mine, particularly with her fetching transformations from saucy whale-waterspout ponytail lass in “Liar Liar” to poetical pensive in “Windy Day” to boho princess in her bathtub garden in “A-ing”.  I hope her troubles are only being cautiously preempted, rather than having already flared into crisis.  But grimly we must note that trouble was anticipated from this headlong schedule of comebacks.  We wish her speedy and continuous recovery and send her our love, and will remember her in our prayers.  OMG’s stage shows will be impoverished by her absence, but we hope the group will soldier on through them– and finally rejoin stricken JinE for a long, much-deserved rest.  Oh My Girl and sweet JinE hwaiting!




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