Happy Birthday Yerin and Umji!

August 19th is GFriend’s own (I shun to use the word, but since it’s historically been used here before for T-ara) “birthdaygasm”, with Goddess Yerin turning 20 and maknae Umji 18!

Glorious Yerin:



Sweet Umji:



After a week’s hiatus lost to Wonder Girls, GFriend scored a third Music Bank trophy for “Navillera” to add to their Triple Crowns from M! Countdown and Inkigayo.  Truly, 2016 is a GFriend annus mirabilis, and we are blessed to live to hear and see this day.

And so, loveable Umji and fantasy waifu Yerin, we wish you a blessed birthday, and the continued blessings of Heaven above which so obviously dotes upon and adores you.  God keep you, Yerin and Umji (and you too, Laboum Solbin!) on this mega-birthday of K-pop, and as ever hwaiting!



  1. Goddess Yerin chokes with tears of joy, Umji consoles:

  2. A month later, Goddess Yerin has a better handle on WINNING!

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