Lovelyz: “Destiny” 20160616

It’s still Bomi’s happy birthday (at least in our timezone– Happy birthday Bomi!)), but I need to make a mental note to watch and post these Bomi and Lovelyz Kei covers of BoA’s “Atlantis Princess” when I get back in town.  I need to be going out of town just now, but since I couldn’t end the day without giving Lovelyz a moment of my time, here’s a beautiful M! Countdown performance of “Destiny” found on a may-or-may-not-be-official channel:

Anyway the upload looks pristine and the performance itself is beautiful: yet another ravishing set of outfits and a spacey purplish backdrop full of–spiraling tiaras.  If I can ever gird my mental loins and do a compare/contrast essay on Lovelyz and A Pink, I should dwell upon the peculiar ethereal effervescence that marks Lovelyz’s discography and even (at least as I imagine it) their on-camera behavior throughout the Lovelyz Diaries and Lovelyz in Wonderland.  The quiet intensity which so defines Baby Soul, Jin, Kei, Sujeong, and arguably even Yein (in her voluble maknae way) probably explains why, even though A Pink is likely to remain the greatest pop group of all time, Lovelyz tends to monopolize my waifu fantasies these days.



  1. –it’s shameful of me not to acknowledge in passing Mijoo’s absence on account of injury. Be rested, sweet mood-maker!

  2. Speaking of new releases, ‘Le Comite de Salud Public’ that our girls over in the Motherland have their first album titled “France Notre Terre”. Besides their social protest songs, they also do modern renditions of traditional French pieces, like their newest, post-album release:

    Ahhhh….the sight of the nymph-like Roxanna floating through the Provencal fields and vineyards makes me want to swim ‘Le Mer Atlantique’ to get there!

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