A Victory Lap for GFriend: Six M! Countdown Trophies in 7 Months

GFriend’s added another Music Bank trophy to the “Navillera” haul, now that they’ve maxed out their allotment on Inkigayo and M! Coutndown with triple crowns, but MNet gave them this hybrid “Rough”/”Navillera” stage, introduced by a montage of show wins (two Triple Crowns!), which demonstrates the hegemonic domination GFriend 2016 have established over all of K-pop.

The outfits are beautiful and the girls (even as Yuju still wears her cast) radiant as ever, and these LCD screensavers are a colorful blast as well– but they do create some jarring jump cut effects which are either upsetting or terrific or both, I haven’t decided.

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