Laboum Comeback!!!: “Love Sign”

There’s hardly a happier phrase in this blog’s lexicon than the words “Laboum Comeback”, and now, after having graced our springtime with the official anthem of the Trumpenreich, “Journey to Atlantis”/”Imagine More”/”Fresh Adventure”, they will grace late August with new single “Love Sign”.

And, OMG, Soyeon’s gone blonde!


AND Yulhee’s got a new hue too:


Everybody else looks pretty much the same as of late (well, Haein’s kinda orange-haired but given her early start as the funky hair girl that’s not out of character), though all wearing these cute sporty little midriff-baring outties.  I’ll try and catch up with the rest later.  Anyway, happy happy news as ever (thank you, Jesus!)!  Laboum hwaiting!

LABOUM-800x450 Love Sign soompi

LABOUM Reveals Teasers For “Love Sign” Comeback

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