Oh My Girl: the “A-ing”/”Listen to my Word” Inkigayo Comeback

I missed out on reviewing the “A-ing” MV in part because, as a cover, it has a bit less canonicity for me than their previous MVs; and besides, “reggae” isn’t my thing.  Even so, it is a cute video, though not at all comparable to the majesty of “Windy Day” and “Liar Liar”, the two instant classic videos that preceded it.

There’s another factor at work too though: Oh My Girl’s sabbatical is really overdue.  I still haven’t got around to the new mini-album yet, which is shameful of me, but dangit, after “Liar Liar”, “One Step Two Step”, and “Windy Day” back-to-back, OMG already established a new precedent in workaholic (even for a rookie group!) endeavor.  And now this!

So, with all the indignation of a fan (and many of us are indignant) eager for the girls to get some rest, I have to drop my chin and gaze in wonder and amazement at the ultra-aegyo effortless grace of Oh My Girl dazzling us with yet another round of elaborate and enchanting choreo in these supercute Christmasy schoolgirl sailor outfits on stage for Inkigayo:

How perfect!



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