John McCain: “War Hero” No More

As promised by Ron Unz, one of John McCain’s collaborator propaganda radio broadcasts from North Vietnam has been released:


Humanly speaking, we could forgive this young man for breaking under what was presumably torture in order to deliver this formulaic address.  But, rather than admit a moment of weakness and honestly show contrition, John McCain has built his entire public career upon a lie– that he was an unswervingly, unbreakably loyal patriot who withstood torture and never gave up.

Given the existence of this broadcast (and the promise of more), what do we now know for sure about John McCain?  Do we know he was ever tortured at all?  Do we know he wasn’t blackmailed throughout his career by persons (foreign or domestic) who knew of his collaboration with North Vietnam?

At the very least, McCain’s activity towards resolving the fate of alleged American POWs left behind in Vietnam is completely compromised:  as Sidney Blumenthal and Unz have reported, there is strong evidence many POWs were left behind (supposed to be ransomed by Nixon, but then, unlike Obama in Iran, he got shut down by Congress before the money could be delivered); and since McCain had dirty secrets of his own he wouldn’t want the Vietnamese or any of his erstwhile fellow prisoners to release, he may well have had strong, wicked inducements to betray those men a second time.

And John McCain remains one of the most reliable warmongers in American government.  We understand that Trump’s tepid endorsement was a deliberate political move, meant to fool none of us among the base who wish to be rid of fake heroes and unprincipled ‘conservatives’ like Ryan and McCain.  But now is the time to do it– vote the scoundrel out.  Vote him out, and keep hounding him until we know the truth.

And oh yeah:  this is a “conspiracy theory” that turned out to be proven true . . . .


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