Bodybags Under Her Eyes: Gen. Kong on Hillary’s Crimes and the Cowards Who Enable Them

Interesting question to be sure. The greater problem as I see it are the numerous cucks who fill the ranks of the badge-gang goondas and the military. They obey orders without question, irrespective of the completely lawless nature of such orders, the fact that the constitution and the rule of law are completely overturned, and their officers and superiors are traitors and criminals. Such blind-stupid obedience is justified in their tiny brains by a complete refusal to accept reality: There is no rule of law in the Banana Empire. Normalcy bias explains part of it, the promise of thirty pieces of pension another, plain old cowardice yet another.

Look at the badge-gang heroes in Germany: They won’t turn their weapons on the traitors who issue their orders but will instead go after the person who called the murderous kebab a bad name. Obeying such orders renders them traitors and thus completely legitimate targets when the opportunity comes – assuming there are enough real Germans remaining there who even believe in their own survival.

All it would take is one person in the right position and at least one of the many criminals in positions of power and authority would be sent to its well-earned eternal reward. Indira Gandhi’s Sikh security detail dispatched her worthless arse to eternity after she ordered the operation which resulted in their holiest temple’s destruction. She had it coming. All of the elite, their high-level nomenklatura and apparchiks have it coming, as does the Lügenpresse. Their plans for full-blown genocide are not exactly a secret to anyone with the ability to read. The elite at present seem to really believe they can get away with absolutely any crime. This is what no rule of law is like.

The real irony is that much of their power is based on the faith of cucks – especially the Churchians who have far more faith in treasonous, genocidal criminals than they do in Christ. That which refers to itself as the church is a complete shambles – they’ll likely sing praises to the golden dindu on their way to the machine-gun pits. The Clintons are basically rubbing everyone’s noses in it – and enjoying every second of it. She knows that there are millions of morons who’ll pull the lever for her because they want their gibsmedats.

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