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Proverbs 28:3

A poor man that oppresseth the poor, is like a violent shower, which bringeth a famine. –Which is a good description of the underclass generally.  And something to keep in mind every time the collective “charity cases” decide to burn down their– or anybody else’s–neighborhoods. Advertisements

GFriend’s “Mermaid”

One of the more mysteriously evocative tracks from the LOL album– I might describe the synth melodies as literally scintillating, in the Latin sense of the word.  Listening to this is a bit like floating in some forest pool, watching the tinkling light of the leaves while a gentle breeze laps through the woods.   […]

Laboum’s First Ever Episode of “Let’s Dance”!

Long darlings of Pops in Seoul, Laboum have at last made it out to popular goof-off-and-teach-choreo program Less Dance  Let’s Dance! As is to be expected, these vivacious girl-vixens give cute and bubbly interractions while showing off their colorful new outfits. [Ed.:  Girl-vixens?]  –I’ve been hitting up the redundancies section in the Oxford Dictionary and […]


Man, I must be right over the target. Harassment, death threats, fairly decent multi-tiered psychological harassment. How sick IS Hillary?  —D. G. Seaman Informed citizens hardly need be reminded at this point that Hillary Clinton (like her husband) is in a mysteriously advanced state of ill health–an unsound mind in a bloated, tottering body.  Dazed, […]

Oh My Girl’s “Liar Liar” on Music Bank: 20160422

The camera choreo for this Music Bank stage doesn’t necessarily show the fancy footwork to its best, but as far as Oh My Girl’s facial expressions and interactions go it’s a delightful piece of cinema verite.  Plus, I said “camera choreo” for a reason, since Music Bank specializes in the lengthy flowing takes that lend […]

PAC on “Globalism” (with thoughts on its reversal)

At Vox Popoli, commenter PAC writes: Globalism is Zionism: viz., Jewish nationalism and its claim to worldwide dominion. Its current imperial enforcer is America, and it will continue to be until America is sucked dry–at which point Pax Judaica (which is anything but peace) will replace Pax Americana. This needs to be hammered again and […]

A Cosmic Frosty Glade

Speaking of that whole “oversupply of talents” thing: I haven’t adopted a new rookie group since April (the group).  If my effusive jottings here seem bewildering enough, only consider that, between A Pink, Lovelyz, Laboum, T-ara, GFriend, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, April, and Dal Shabet (and the list could go on, if SNSD and […]

Laboum: the “Oops”-“Pyong Pyong”/”Shooting Love” Music Bank Comeback

Colorful, colorful staging and costuming, with a delightful energy that brings to mind Dal Shabet during their “Have, Don’t Have” stages.   Soyeon owns her sake-she blonde thing  Yujeong smiles adorably.  Solbin in “Oops”has some of the best hair I’ve ever seen.  Plus Yulhee is now heir to Haein’s old manic panic hair knots!  

Get Well, JinE!

Oh My Girl’s JinE, perhaps under the strain of the group’s much commented upon back-to-back-to-back(to-back) promotions, has taken a leave of health from the “A-ing” schedules, attributed to her previously-disclosed anorexia: On August 25, WM Entertainment released a statement on Oh My Girl’s fan cafe and homepage to inform fans about JinE taking a break […]

“We’re coming to an age of oversupply of talents”

declares commenter Boon Kheng Chai (Biopolymath) in the comments for this KBS OMG “Cupid” stage. Sigh.  K-pop, what bliss to live in this dawn.

Misses Bang Bang: Laboum’s “Shooting Love” MV Review

It’s hard to believe it’s been four long years since Dal Shabet graced us with their second of three 2012 comebacks, “Mr Bang Bang”.  Already this was the last of their great sequence of future-pop tracks produced by their originators, E-tribe, meaning a glorious era in demented sci-fi techno girl-pop had drawn to a close. […]

VAB Mk3 with 90mm cannon

It’s the SIBMAS for the new millennium! Now let’s build a bunch for the French Army and drive all the darkies, muzzies, and darkie muzzies out of France and all Europe!

Paging the French Resistance (and commenter Eric)!

Just keep watching. Wait for it. Waaaaaiiit for it . . . . Yeeeesss . . . .

Happy Birthday Yerin and Umji!

August 19th is GFriend’s own (I shun to use the word, but since it’s historically been used here before for T-ara) “birthdaygasm”, with Goddess Yerin turning 20 and maknae Umji 18! Glorious Yerin:   Sweet Umji:   After a week’s hiatus lost to Wonder Girls, GFriend scored a third Music Bank trophy for “Navillera” to […]

Happy Birthday Solbin!

Laboum’s “global beauty” and always-rising starlet, now hosting Music Bank and on the cusp of the release of Laboum’s first full mini-album, turns 19!   With “Journey to Atlantis” the second-greatest recording of the year thus far, expectations are high for further great success for Solbin and the gang. Our prayers and wishes are with […]

Innocence and Purity

I couldn’t have tagged it better myself. A big “thank you” to Mnet for digging these old performances out of their archives and presenting them as fresh uploads.  A Pink at their 2011 origins, and still going strong. Happy birthday, Eunji!

Happy Birthday Eunji!

A Pink’s main vocal and Face turns 23!   How do the years pass by?  Or do they?  Here she is in her winning Inkigayo performance for “Hopefully Sky”, resplendent in her own bed of sunflowers:   And of course I pray the forthcoming autumn A Pink comeback will harvest a Triple Crown: let not […]

2 minutes ago: the Laboum MV teaser!

Comeback staawt!

Combating Anti-Semitism

  Talking reason to Jews (if that’s not a “hate crime” lolzlz)

Joy Wept

A waxen-pale and shiny-haired Joy gleams with eyes tear-laden: further proof why Red Velvet’s Joy is one of the most eligible waifuettes of K-pop.   –And yes I for one love these outfits, much as the comments at youtube rag on them!

Purple Moon: “Closer”

The evocative choreo-aristos of Oh My Gir weave their magic:

Trump in Fairfield

White America– peaceful, patriotic, eager to leave off searching for dragons abroad and ready to assert its rights over its own homeland– is on the move. And the cat ladies, puritanical preeners, cucks, and shitskins should hush and shuffle out of the way of a great people making great progress.  To reject this opportunity to […]

Lovelyz: “Destiny” 20160616

It’s still Bomi’s happy birthday (at least in our timezone– Happy birthday Bomi!)), but I need to make a mental note to watch and post these Bomi and Lovelyz Kei covers of BoA’s “Atlantis Princess” when I get back in town.  I need to be going out of town just now, but since I couldn’t […]

A Victory Lap for GFriend: Six M! Countdown Trophies in 7 Months

GFriend’s added another Music Bank trophy to the “Navillera” haul, now that they’ve maxed out their allotment on Inkigayo and M! Coutndown with triple crowns, but MNet gave them this hybrid “Rough”/”Navillera” stage, introduced by a montage of show wins (two Triple Crowns!), which demonstrates the hegemonic domination GFriend 2016 have established over all of […]

Happy Birthday Bomi!

The refulgent aegyo queen and dancing machine Sunshine Girl turns 23!     She was still 19 for “No No No”, 20 at “Mr. Chu”, in “Luv” at 21, and by 22 was ready for “Brand New Days”. And now, glorious Bomi, we renew our prayers for many euphonious, chic, and all-around magical adventures for […]

Soyeon Saucily Shakes her tail

at 1:25, among other splendors:

Laboum Comeback!!!: “Love Sign”

There’s hardly a happier phrase in this blog’s lexicon than the words “Laboum Comeback”, and now, after having graced our springtime with the official anthem of the Trumpenreich, “Journey to Atlantis”/”Imagine More”/”Fresh Adventure”, they will grace late August with new single “Love Sign”. And, OMG, Soyeon’s gone blonde! AND Yulhee’s got a new hue too: […]

GFriend Takes 13th “Navillera” Trophy

Call them what they are: Nation’s Girl Group.  Though SinB dislocated her shoulder and Yuju’s hand is in a cast, they have likely sealed the deal to own the two biggest singles of the year.  Assuredly, megahits “Rough” and “Navillera” are among the best we’ve ever heard. Glorious GFriend hwaiting!  

Pushing the envelope

A good perspective on the hilarious Cassidy Stay event:

OMG: So Aegyo, it almost brings tears to the eyes!

And so many cute moments with JinE!

Though not the “most epic girl group single of all time” as some wag once had it . . . .

. . . Rainbow’s “Mach” is pretty entertaining: OMG Yoonhye in thigh-high boots. What are Sweetune doing these days anyway?

Oh My Girl: the “A-ing”/”Listen to my Word” Inkigayo Comeback

I missed out on reviewing the “A-ing” MV in part because, as a cover, it has a bit less canonicity for me than their previous MVs; and besides, “reggae” isn’t my thing.  Even so, it is a cute video, though not at all comparable to the majesty of “Windy Day” and “Liar Liar”, the two […]

April in Christmas

Hey, August is already half over, so if it isn’t already time to start thinking about Christmas, when will it ever be? And if our minds are too infirm to summon up the daily delights of Christmas ’14 with “Candy Jelly Love” and “Luv” (bliss it was to live in that dawn!), we can take […]

John McCain: “War Hero” No More

As promised by Ron Unz, one of John McCain’s collaborator propaganda radio broadcasts from North Vietnam has been released:   Humanly speaking, we could forgive this young man for breaking under what was presumably torture in order to deliver this formulaic address.  But, rather than admit a moment of weakness and honestly show contrition, John […]

GFriend Take Inkigayo Triple Crown (the second time this year!) for “Navillera”

Another glorious milestone in GFriend’s meteoric rise to presumptive Nation’s Girl Group status, this time without the dramatic pause in a week’s loss as with transcendent megahit “Rough” before: Truly, A Pink’s September comeback has its work cut out for it.  With “Rough” the biggest single in Korea of the first half of the year, […]

Orange is the stupid color, but Youngji makes everything look good

And Seungyeon (who has been in the news of late with–Hwayoung!) looks pretty good too: But even when Younji is in the background, I can’t take my eyes off of her.  “If you look around, you’re stupid”!

Unicorn’s “Blink Blink” (the kinder, gentler 2nd MV)

This song was a very random but happy find: ever since Lodia came and went in 2014 I’d been hoping for some sort of highbrow hipster K-EDM girl group to show up as a sidedish.  With Unicorn we have the hope of a sort of Red Velvet-does-“Hurt Locker” entry. The main mv is fun, but […]

Bodybags Under Her Eyes: Gen. Kong on Hillary’s Crimes and the Cowards Who Enable Them

Interesting question to be sure. The greater problem as I see it are the numerous cucks who fill the ranks of the badge-gang goondas and the military. They obey orders without question, irrespective of the completely lawless nature of such orders, the fact that the constitution and the rule of law are completely overturned, and […]

Where Has this Laboum Performance Been in my life?

Laboum performing “Sugar Sugar”, the song I thought might be their breakthrough song before I thought “Aalow Aalow” might be their breakthrough song before I thought “Journey to Atlantis”– well, by golly Solbin is hostess of Music Bank now, so things are moving for Laboum!– but even if there were few Lattes in the audience […]

Cokehead Mulatto Still Unfit for a White Man’s House

Time to move to the fields, gaywad.