Laboum enjoys a most prepossessing opening shot (Show Champion Ep. 172)

I would better serve my K-pop divinities, no doubt, if I were, each day, to take one performance at random, watch it through enough times to select a half dozen or so notable moments, and then annotate them for posterity.  Needless to say, no mere collection of such moments, however aegyo, can exhaust the bounty of any quality girl group performance, but a summary of parts at least will serve to convey something of the flavor unique to each, and make it easier to summon up, from memory, the peculiar charms of this or that stage when my wandering mind tries to call them back up.

Saturday morning’s candidate for this treatment was the Jan 10th Inkigayo “Aalow Aalow”, but in rewatching that one I’ve skirted on down to another late “Aalow Aalow”, this one from Show Champion, and in starting it I immediately took great pleasure in the glossy preppie perfection of Yulhee and Solbin, with Haein and Yujeong to their back, in the very opening frame.

OMG and ZN in those plaid green highwaisted shorts!  And at 1:48 a perfect demonstration of ZN’s uniquely exuberant interpretation (as she was made-fun of by her bandmates on Pops in Seoul!) of the cheek-tapping part of the choreo!

Solbin of course is a knockout in that Crayola knit minidress.  It stands out, funnily enough, as the most “womanly” of their costumes just by contrast with the schoolgirl Annie Hall looks on the others (the absence of a kerchief necktie, the comparative form-fittingness of the skirt part).  For Solbin, the “global beauty”, it’s only fitting to show her off like this,– but the whole group is just so dazzling in these (as many of the other, similar) “Aalow Aalow” costumes.  Baby Yulhee gets a thin, pretty pink ribbon for her neckbow.  Yujeong, as Leader, foregoes one in favor of a polo collar underneath some sort of vaguely Girl Guide-ish green sheath [NB: It really is time to invest in a Visual Dictionary, no?]  What a world if all girls dressed like this!

I’m pretty sure Solbin wore that dress in other performances, actually, but I can definitely say that in this one both Soyeon and Yujeong hit their high notes  faultlessly– both are definitely steadier and stronger than in that Inkigayo Jan 10th performance noted above (which in its own terms I thought just fine), but here– they knock it out of the ballpark.

I thought only Yujeong was wearing that three-cherry pen (I thought it was a red three-leaf clover at first).  But then I caught Soyeon’s, Yulhee’s, and even Solbin’s.  I still can’t spot it on Haein or ZN.  Is this a new Laboum motif?  An old one?  What have I missed!

Yulhee has on my favorite color socks in this performance.  Oh but what about ZN’s almost kinda-“nude” shade of purple knee socks?  How fitting for her chic stature!

Haein’s necktie really is a piece of art, btw.  Though the way Soyeon wears hers, with one half of it plastered (pinned?) toward her left shoulder is tres sportif.

 Frosts yield to zephyrs; Summer drives out Spring,       

 To vanish, when  

Rich Autumn sheds his fruits; round wheels the ring, —        

Winter again!

–And, with such rich memories of Christmas and January as Laboum (and Lovelyz! and April! and GFriend! and Dal Shabet!) gave us, how can I not thrill to the prospect  of any season that hurtles me forward to meet again such bliss!



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