Winds in Space: OMG on Show Champion Ep 190

With this flying saucer-interior stage set, wind machine blowing, and all the luminous strobe-flashing going on, Oh My Girl are having some sort of spacey freak-out in a field of pinwheels (and the occasional wind mill proper):

Check out the great Jiho tracking shot that starts at 2:13!  And plenty of good moments for the other members too, including an irradiated Mimi.

Really, this stage is a technical marvel.  Even the “roof” is like a UFO.  And the “choreo” of the lighting effects gives us so many pretty moments of backlighting, even when they are refracted into an icy blaze, as the shot on Arin at 2:25.  All this whispiness makes the lights windy too!

Anyway, they say Yooa’s an alien, so why can’t they all be?  Clearly Oh My Girl are too perfect for this world . . . .

One comment

  1. Well, the 28th was Hyojung’s birthday but I missed it. Happy 22nd Birthday! Hyojung hwaiting!

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