“Women in news should pull sexy cool”

I’ve never understood in the slightest what the Vox Popoli character who calls itself LP9 Solidified in Gold! Rin Integra is supposed to be or be about or– heck, for all I know it’s Andrea Ostrov Letania’s 101st nom de guerre– but nonetheless I was amused by this piece of jibber:

What trouble.

All I want to see on any tv news program is a handsome fun man, I dont care if he’s guy, I want adorable, well dressed men over 35. Men dont care about visuals but men want a lovely feminine scantily clad rapping about whatever not all covered up like its NOI or winter. Women in news should pull sexy cool …harajuku stylin or have Gwen Stefani LAMB them in glamour. GHet Taylor Swift on the phone to take over FoxNews. I want Taylor on Fox singing the news and being her lovely self.

katerinakazia typepad harajuku

“Tonight’s forecast: stormy, with a chance of waifu.”

19 Agreed, as I have parroted many times women ruin everything. I didn’t believe it as first but after the last 5 years of henhouses at home then silliness in current events, WRE times 10. Also this is another example of baby boomers booming and silent gen’ers not understanding their kids let alone the progeny of boomers. its almost 8pm east coast, drudge runs with Hannity, O’Really and the CNN chic turned FOX might depart Fox news.

Whatever and whenever anyone tries to rain on Trump’s parade, in the next months or following year it never ever bodes well for them; Macy’s, Fox, NBCComcast, the Latino Station




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