Germaine Greer With Two Anxiously Cute Young Feminists

Best of all, she scorns “trans” shit!

Greer’s an old vice of mine.  She’s neither as attractive nor as conservative as the elderly Fay Weldon, but still, I rather enjoyed watching her in this.  I’m not so much keeping score of whether she’s “right” on these questions or not, as simply delighting in the way she upends these young ladies’ premises.  I’m not sure these poor girls can understand what Greer’s getting at when she shoots past their talking points, and I hesitate to ponder what they must’ve come away thinking about her.  Yet I can hope they will think about what Greer said– and perhaps one day shed their “feminism” all together.

The entire Alt-Right would say I’m gay for this, but while the bright-eyed preppy Athena certainly is attractive (and Lord knows, she smiles too much to be a true “feminist”), it’s the sad-looking redhead, whose face and hair curiously remind me of Laboum’s Yulhee, that I really fancy.


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