GFriend’s “Navillera”: The Show! Music Core Comeback

An energized GFriend showers song from a neon steeple for the summer outdoor concert!

And may well own Summer ’16 as ruthlessly as they did the winter with glorious “Rough”!

Truly, this retro visual style concept lets GFriend do something A Pink often didn’t do (except when they kept to the nautical theme) during their “Remember” stages.  This neo-70s idealized, polished disco look GFriend rocks gives them the summertime equivalent to the icily lambent schoolgirl looks in the album art for Snowflake.  It’s just refulgent.  Remember poor Hayoung wearing that (ironic!) “Ugly” top for Pink Memory?  Sigh.  Those street fashions were dispiriting.  These retro fashions are inspiring.  “Navillera” may be the J-pop second coming of “Roly Poly”!

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