“Destiny”: The Show! Music Core Comeback Stage (revisited)

Show! Music Core was long my K-pop music broadcast show of reference, with both the longest-running and most meticulously curated channel on youtube.  Perhaps in a  perverse euphoria of excitement now that Inkigayo and, to a lesser degree, Music Bank keep their own excellent archives, I seem to have slipped from paying mbckpop as much attention.  This Comeback Stage for “Destiny”, for instance, I watched when it came out, but I seem to have mentally rated it as something less than the M! Countdown or Inkigayo comebacks.  But watching it afresh, it brought a giddy grin to my face:

Perhaps the stage set is a bit busy: that arched doorway in the middle may be a bit much.  But the frozen pink forest LCD backdrop is rather magnificent.  But most importantly, the lighting is magnificent.  The lovelies look lustrous and lambent, and even the purply stage lights abstractly arcing into the high distance shine with refulgent angst.  This performance has a moody look to match the song’s highstrung melancholy, its warmth of neediness, its splendid outcry.


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