Coup’s Next? Coups Coming for Dinner!

If the Turkish coup is anti-Islamist, then of course it enjoys my hearty support.  Better still if they are both religiously moderate and anti-European Union.  A Turkey ready to partner with Putin and Assad, and ready to halt the movement of so-called “refugees”, would be a great blessing.

But it would be far happier news if there were a coup in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, or Sweden.

Dear military men of France: have you not had enough?  Are you not ready to demolish the mosques, to burn the banlieues, , to hang the rapists, and to drive out the African and Arab scum?

Repudiate the false ideal of universal “fraternity”.  Renounce the hateful lie that blacks or Bedouin can be “French”.  To hell with NATO and the EU.  Take out Hollande, assert the General Will of the true French people, and cleanse your country.

I pray for you, I support you, but I do not want damned candlelit vigils!  France needs force.  France demands freedom from subjection!  Banish Islam, banish the “immigrants” and “refugees”.  Assert, if need be, your nuclear deterrent to keep the warmongering globalists in America and NATO off your back.  Make France Great Again.  You have nothing to lose but your chains!


One comment

  1. Update: reports from Turkey indicate a coup so incompetent (they bombed Erdogan’s hotel after he left??) that the whole thing sounds like a psy-ops:

    “All the information we have so far leads me to believed this was staged in order to push their twisted agenda further. Fuck!!…ts like we are living in a world filled with smoke and mirrors, and filled with people that are constantly manipulating the truth”.

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