Oh My Girl Plans Early August Comeback

When Oh My Girl started performing “One Step Two Step” on stage after “Liar Liar”s promotions, one could hardly have guessed they’d shortly be dropping a repackaged album with a brand new single with its own round of promotions.

And after the “Liar Liar”/”One Step Two Step”/”Windy Day” cycle, OMG’s hard work was so evident I already figured it should count as a “K-pop phenomenon of 2016” event all by itself.  Who, even in this frenetic industry, works this hard.

But now:  Oh My Girl is coming right back into the fray, with an early August summer comeback scheduled.

Commenters at soompi are not, in view of OMG’s punishing schedule, altogether happy.  As Yoo-Ri Kim  glumly notes, “Talk about over working, plus their dance routines are extreme. Give them some food and rest for like 6 months. Energy drinks arent going to save them.”

Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do but pray– and look forward to more OMG recordings.  I really wonder if they can maintain the same frenetic energy and precision on stage like this, without sustaining injuries.  We already had Seunghee’s problem before.  But trustfully at last they will have some sort of hiatus when this latest push is through!


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