April: When They Were Six

A subtitled and affecting Music Bank performance of their debut classic “Dream Candy”, back when Somin wanted to be a singer, and Hyunjoo was (we trust) free from headaches:

What an auspicious dawn!  I just found out, btw, that my favorite Dreaming album track, “Luv Me x3” was produced by the same team that did “Black Swan.”  So that figures!

And speaking of Hyunjoo, just adore that super closeup this recording opens with!  As for poor Somin, we hope she will eventually find her dream too, and the peace of heart which I suspect she lacks, based upon all the sad things that happened.

This song well expresses, btw, the excitement and anticipation of the Trump VP pick.  Pray it’s someone hardcore against Muslims and immigration!



  1. When they were five: Hyunjoo and the gang performing “Jelly” and “Tinkerbell” at the start of the Spring album’s promotions!

  2. Their hilarious and invigorating turn on the Rookie Show portion of “Pops in Seoul”!

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