GFriend’s Secret Garden of Luv

Every time there’s some epic new K-pop girl group album release approaching, I try to steal my will and spend that first glorious month of its existence listening to the whole thing twice a day.  But “real life” (lolz) always gets in the way of my grand intentions.

But GFriend’s approaching summer album and first full-lengther LOL waftsthrough with such promise–coming musically on the heels of the glorious Snowflake and its monster single “Rough” (comfirmed by mnet and soompi as the No. 1 Korean single of the first six months of 2016), and pictorially  teased with photos of such lush romantic radiance– that it is possible that this, this, is the very pop masterpiece we have dreamed of, the Pet Sounds of K-pop [Ed.: Weren’t Absolute First Album, Pink Memory, and Gossip Girls already greater than Pet Sounds?  –You know what I mean though], the fullest distillation of girlish verdant refulgence and sublimity, a record for the ages, a record in the dawn of whose birth we must, and shall, bask and bath and luxuriate, as our most precious and irreplaceable season of life.







The very dream of romantic perfection shimmers before us, a carnation from Elysium, a virginal symphony.  What bliss it shall be, to live in this dawn!




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